Sunday, September 6, 2015

HEAD! For the Love of The MDA!

Nearly every year since Elmwood has had an online presence we've reached out through our various outlets to ask you to support the MDA.  We always try to tie it in with the Labor Day holiday weekend, since for decades MDA would have events all over the country, and hold a telethon and have firefighters everywhere asking you to fill their boots...

And this year is no different!  
Support the MDA!  

And this year you can do it right through us at Elmwood Productions!

We have three of our films available on the streaming site VHX.  And this weekend you can get all there of them in a package deal to only $10.00!  And for every rental or purchase we'll donate a buck to the MDA!
You'll get two feature films - "HEAD", and "Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet", and the short film "The Risley Brothers"
A dollar may not seem like much...  But with your help it could be!
Imagine if every person who sees the link on the blog, or Facebook, or Twitter...  or anywhere joined in!  A dollar will go a very long way!

So ... Here's the link :  VHX!
Get to it!  Share it!  Let's help find cures!

And don't forget!

This coming Thursday - come see "Josh and Todd" at Buttonwood Tree!
and Meet Todd!


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