Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Horror Metal Sounds intervierw with Jon Bristol

PJ Griffith of Horror Metal Sounds recently did an interview with
HEAD director Jon Bristol.
Check it out now and don't forget to check out HEAD now on VHX!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thank you for an amazing run!

We at Elmwood started this blog to follow the production and release of HEAD a few years ago.  And now it's all out there, the movie has been made, it's screened all over the world (even taking home a few awards!), and it's now online to watch...  With that said it looks like this blog has done it's job...

Things will be getting a little quiet over here on the HEAD blog for the rest of the year as we ramp up finishing work on our latest project; "The Risley Brothers"!
Thanks to all the fans, family, and friends  (old and new) who came along with us on this journey with this crazy puppet horror flick! 

Don't forget you can still see HEAD on VHX here!  So if you missed a screening there's no excuse to miss out all together! 

And look for an announcement to come right after the first of the year!

But for now - GET HEAD!!!!