Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cast and Crew - Gabe Finkenstein

Gabe Finkenstein
Puppeteer,Special Effects


Gabe Finkenstein is a professional illustrator and artist who works restoring carousel animals. 
An avid comic book fan he works alongside Elmwood's very own Ben Farley on the web comic "Party Time" which just celebrated its one year anniversary.
Some time ago his paths crossed with a founding Jon Bristol and having grown up a huge fan of puppetry he hopped on board and enjoyed the creative outlet immensely working on puppet and non-puppet projects alike. Before he knew it he was a star in "Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet" and popping up in episodes of "Steve the Vampire". Gabe was soon designing t-shirts for Elmwood too!

Many examples of his work in cartooning can be seen on Elmwood's Cafe Press page and on his website Finkenstein Studios. 

When the project of "Head" was brought up with an opportunity to do puppetry and some special effects he was in and ready to go.

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