Monday, July 14, 2014

Cast and Crew - Rick Passmore

Rick Passmore
Editor, Associate Producer, Technical Advisor
Rick Passmore was born on an ashram and never witnessed a film, let alone a puppet until he moved to Connecticut in 2011.
Just Kidding.
Born and Raised in rural Northeastern Ohio, Rick proudly proclaims that he grew up across the street from a hay field in a township.  Not a “Town”; a “Township” (Paris Township, to be exact).  When he was a child, his love of video games drove him to want a life in video games. However, his drawing artistic talents didn’t match up for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, so he opted for film school and headed west... To Toledo.
Beginning in 2005, Rick studied at the University of Toledo.  There, he developed a major appreciation for the medium, including horror films.  He also discovered that there was more to the art than Star Wars and Quentin Tarantino.  Even though a lot of his influences and favorites are still very mainstream, he doesn’t have a definitive favorite film.  He loves to experience new works, new styles and suspend his disbelief to love things the general public dislikes, but with enough knowledge and taste to loathe big budget fan favorites (Looking at you, Michael Bay).
In 2009, he acted in his first independent feature, Nine Minute Love Song (dir. Benjamin Yackshaw), playing Nolan, the ignorant best friend to antagonist and all-around terrible person Dustin (played terrifically by that not all-around terrible person Evan Sayre).  Rick also discovered that if he were to have a career in film, it wouldn’t be in the chair or behind the camera, yet with a splicer and a Steenbeck (or Adobe Premiere, in this case).  Editing was Rick’s true calling within film. 
Yet, it was his work with television that landed him in the middle of the Constitution State.  Rick was employed by UT’s Media Services department from 2007 until his graduation in 2009.  In February 2010, Rick landed a part-time gig at the local TV station in Youngstown, Ohio, and spent 18 months honing his skills that eventually would come to work on one of the most major stages in the world: ESPN.
Rick moved to Bristol in August of 2011, and met the guys of Elmwood Productions in 2012.  Although he spends over 40 hours a week on the ESPN Campus working as a Studio Camera Operator and a Video Editor, he loves the fact that he can work within his passion thanks to Elmwood.  His first directorial work with Elmwood, The Walking Path, was a horror project that was written, shot, and edited in a 24 hour window.  It re-sparked the passion and the excitement that drove Rick to film long ago, and with his position on HEAD, he looks forward to being the part of a fantastic and intriguing approach to the grungy B-Horrors that fascinated him during his college years. 
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