Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Cast!

Elmwood Productions 
is happy to announce the cast for "Head"

We're bringing back our best of the best and some new hands to make the puppets come to life!

More on all the cast members in every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning, starting tomorrow, including bios and more…

But here they are in no particular order -

Manda Vasas

Nick Foreman

Mike Finland

Sally Arlette-Garcia

Russ Werlebird

Ben Farley

Jim Williams

Rowan Hawk McDonald

Gabe Finkenstein

Jon Bristol and Keith Paul

 And this is Rick Passmore…  We don't wanna leave him out.  He's doing all kinds of stuff on the film!
Doesn't he look soooooooo excited?!?!?!  Learn all about him tomorrow!

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